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13 Name: Stacy Imhoff : 2020-01-15 16:45 ID:BFyaKsaJ [Del]

Hello guys

I do a fair bit of SEO for vape and CBD companies and whilst doing some research, I found I wanted to see whether you would be interested in my vape and CBD backlinks packages? From my years of experience, I have put together an SEO package that is guaranteed to rank your site higher on Google, increase your site traffic and sales. I know it works for a fact because I have ranked 15 vape and CBD companies and they are now my long-term clients. I am trying to expand my client base in order to grow my team and resources further.

Previously, I used to work for an SEO company based here in London. However, after being made redundant, I have decided to work as a freelancer. Right now, I am working with 10 CBD and 5 Vape Brands and have resources to over 2,500 high domain authority sites and resources that I use for guest posting opportunities. I offer my services at a fraction of the price to what bigger agencies charge because I have NO overheads.

You can find me on a freelance site called My username is: Services97

Do order me or drop me a line if you are interested.

I look forward to working with you and ranking on the search engines :)

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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