Pitfalls of Day Trading and How to Combat Them (1)

1 Name: sasi : 2016-10-20 23:38 ID:bzVhYmdf [Del]


These are just a few simply stated rules, yet very hard for most traders to adhere to. They lack the necessary discipline to stick to them on a consistent basis. It is human nature to feel that we can do better than the rules would allow us to do on certain situations, yet to only use them sometimes and not others makes them ineffective for the purpose they were created for, to protect us and allow a chance to succeed.So then, where do you currently stand when it comes to having the discipline to follow trading rules? If we recognize that we are indeed weak in this regard, it would do us good to go over the points brought out in this message again as well as consider some books on the subject, both of which can help us strengthen our awareness to have discipline in following rules if we are to succeed.


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