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Friday is here, fashion fans! We found lots of lovely bags for you this week, starting off in Balenciaga and wrapping up across the pond in marvelous Mulberry. Thank you for ending your week with us, and we hope this peek into the PurseForum inspires you to check out all the available resources there (and perhaps get a little shoppping in, too). Welcome!

In Balenciaga, the July/August purchases thread has kicked off, and we love this peachy delicious metal plate City that beachkaka shared. This bag is just enough on the neutral side of pink to make a great wardrobe addition straight into fall. Coach Outlet Us Coach Store Coach Outlet - Hot Deals Coach Outlet Online US Factory Online Coach Online Store Coach Factory Store USA Online Coach Factory Outlet Convenient Factory Store Coach Outlet Factory Online Factory Online USA Coach Outlet USA Coach Outlet Sale Coach Factory Online Coach Outlet USA Stores Coach Purses Oakleys Oakley Outlet Cheap oakley sunglass oakleys Oakley oakley vault michaelkors michael kors Shoes Store Handbag USA north face outlet sac blanc Giuseppe Zanotti valentino shoes Valentin toms shoes Shoes sac hermes Bag modeldesac beats by dr dre sunglasses ray-ban pascher Ray Ban Sunglasses Cheap ray ban outlet Ray-ban Sunglasses USA Cheap Ray Bans Ray Ban Sunglass Buy Ray Ban sunglasses Free shipping on RayBans Ray Ban Store Online Ray Ban Outlet Ray Ban Rx Sunglasses Ray-ban sunglasses ray ban outlet Ray Ban sunglasses Online Sale surveillance cameras toms outlet bracelet hermes valentino shoes louis vuitton Factory Store Louis Vuitton pascher hermes valentino outlet valentino shoes Polo toms outlet Marc Jacobs

Perhaps the most important thing creative director Alessandro Michele has brought to Gucci during his short tenure at the brand's helm is a feeling of abundance. His collections are enormous, his lookbooks are rich in set detail and styling and the clothes and accessories themselves are lavishly detailed, sometimes to the point of visual trickery and misdirection. Michele's Gucci is also an abundant shopping experience; he teases a relatively normal number of base products into a seemingly endless array of particular options, which gives everyone an opportunity to feel like they're buying something unique and personal.

Limited editions with limited availability always heighten that feeling, and it's an avenue that's been successful for Gucci lately. The brand released a capsule collection at Net-a-Porter to a near-immediate accessories sell-through in May, and now the brand is back with another gorgeous floral that can only be found via. The collection, dubbed Gucci Garden, featured a bright, warm floral in bags, accessories, shoes and ready-to-wear.

The print fits the Gucci universe perfectly, and the mix of colors makes the bags surprisingly versatile. Take a look at the available accessories below or shop the full collection via. Be careful, though--pieces that this have a tendency to disappear quickly from retailers.

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